Replace missing teeth without having to wear a denture.

First-Time Patient?

Consultation, Exam, x-rays, and Cleaning.


A bridge is a way of replacing missing teeth without having to wear a denture. A bridge is fixed solidly in your mouth and is cleaned while in position – as opposed to a denture, which is taken out for cleaning.

A simple bridge would mean that a missing tooth is replaced by attaching a new tooth to the teeth on each side, although there are many different ways of designing the bridge, using different teeth to hold it in place.

These teeth would be shaped so that they can support the bridge, and an impression (mould) is needed, to make a model of the exact shape of the teeth and gums. A week or two after the bridge is fitted, it feels and looks just like your natural teeth, with no plate covering the gum. Unlike a denture, a bridge takes up no more space in your mouth than your own teeth.

More about Bridges

A bridge can be held in place by the two next-door teeth and made of a metal base which is completely covered by porcelain to match the other teeth exactly.

Another way of making a bridge is to fix it to the outer surface of the next-door teeth by special wings at the back of the teeth where they won’t show. These bridges may make it possible to leave more of the supporting teeth untouched, but they are suitable only for use in certain circumstances.