Chrome-Cobalt Dentures

Replace missing teeth without having to wear a denture.

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Chrome-Cobalt Dentures

When you have a denture replacing some of your teeth, but fitting around some of your own teeth, this is called a partial denture. In its simplest form this is made out of plastic, with tooth-coloured denture teeth, and pink gum on a base which is either of the same pink gum colour, or of a clear plastic.

Because plastic is not terribly strong, it has to be quite thick to avoid it breaking too easily, and some people find this thickness hard to cope with in their mouth.

Chrome-Cobalt is a special kind of metal which stays shiny and clean, and doesn’t corrode or rust. It can be made to a very precise and accurate shape, and it has the perfect combination of strength and a little flexibility, to make it ideal for us to use as the base for dentures.

The denture can be made thinner and less bulky, and often much smaller too. This often means that your gum doesn’t have to be covered, so there seems to be less denture in your mouth.

More about Chrome-Cobalt Dentures

Most chrome-cobalt dentures have specially shaped arms called clasps which hold the denture and the remaining teeth without damaging them, which makes the denture tighter and more secure. Each denture is care¬fully designed for a specific patient so they are all very different.

The strength of chrome-cobalt makes it ideal for patients who tend to break or crack plastic dentures.